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Lecture 31

GEOG 1280 Lecture 31: Lecture 31

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GEOG 1280
Bruce G.Erickson

o82 Landlocked States: Some `free` space: 14 million sq. km, no indigenous inhabitants, Antarctica Antarctic Exploration: From the end of the 19 century to the early 1920s. Antarctica continent became the focus of an international effort which resulted in intensive scienitfic and geographical exploration, sixteen major expeditions being launched from eight different countries. Often economic activity and transportation are interrupted at boundaries, so much so, that the international boundary between Canada and USA could be determined by the lack of economic connection. State Territory and body of people are politically bound together Full sovereign control over its internal and external affairs Nation A body of people who are bound together culturally Frequently language, race, religion, place of origin or history Nation State State is reflective of a nation Example: Kurdish Nation Political Control Unitary form: Authority is highly centralized (UK, China) Federal form: Authority is highly decentralized (Brazil, Switzerland, Canada, US) Ecumene Most important socioeconomic elements that allow a state to function with the densest communication and transportation, chief cities and aggregates of people, site of industry and post industrial activity. Region Boundaries of the State Three categories based upon when they originated in comparison with settlement Subsequent Boundaries Are those that are drawn after a population has become well established in an area e.g. France
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