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Lecture 45

GEOG 1280 Lecture 45: Lecture 45

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GEOG 1280
Bruce G.Erickson

lOMoARcPSD987298 The process of attribution requires the detection of a change in the observed variable or closely associated variables Attribution seeks to determine whether a specified set of external forcings andor drivers are the cause of an observed change in a specific system. Economy is closely linked to CO2 output. Energy supply is the largest culprit of greenhouse gas emission (26) Anthropocene th Proposed by Paul Crutzen, describing the time since 18 Century onward as a new geological era, marked by human activity. I=PxAxT (P=population, A=affluence (wealth), T=technology(amplifies other units)). The Future Terra QuasiIncognita Existential Denial: its not happening Consequential Denial: doesnt matter Fatalistic Denial: theres nothing I can do about it. Unit 10: Glaciers and Landforms from Moving Ice Glaciers A glacier is a large mass of perennial ice, resting on land or floating shelflike in the sea adjacent to land. Glaciers form by the accumulation and recrystallization of snow. They move under the pressure of their own mass and the pull of gravity. Learning Objectives Differentiate between alpine and continental glaciers and describe their principal features. Describe the process of glacial ice formation and portray the mechanics of glacial movement Describe characteristic erosional and depositional landforms created by alpine glaciation and continental glaciation. Analyze the spatial distribution of periglacial processes and describe several unique landforms and topographic features related to permafrost and frozen ground phenomena.
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