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Lecture 49

GEOG 1280 Lecture 49: Lecture 49

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GEOG 1280
Bruce G.Erickson

o82 Laterization Positive moisture balance, warmhot temperatures over long periods of time Not found in Canada, mostly found in equatorial regions (tropical rainforests) Soils remain at the surface for millions of years. Everything is gone in the zone of elluviation, nutrients are found at the surface. Rapid recycling from the leaves to the soil and back up again by being washed away. Nutrient poor soils, all the nutrients are in the plants. Boxite, can mine the weathered soils (Al) in the B horizon. Gleization Saturated in water (positive moisture balance) , cold temperatures o Oxic environment, no free oxygen available , acidic environment Oxygen poor environment would mean that the minerals within the soil are at a reduced oxidation state, would see elemental Fe (bluegrey colour) in the soils. Waterlogged. Why Classify? A means of understanding, organizing a confusing world, finding relationships Pedon: A basic unit of soil, the smallest 3D unit that can be considered a soil. Horizons: A layer of soil approximately parallel to the surface with distinct characteristics produced by soilforming processes. A and B are called the Solum (pedogenically active soil layer), C layer is the bedrock and has not been altered by soil forming processes. Regolith hasnt been altered or broken down. Canadian Soil Classification System (no global classification method) Large areas to small areas. Order Canadian Soil Orders ***REMEMBER THESE Brunisolic brown earth, Bm horizon Chernozemic prairie, grassland soil, semiarid, calcification process dominates (movement upwards) Cryosolic frozen, permafrost regions, nothing changes and no water movement Gleysolic waterlogged, anaerobic environment (no free oxygen) Luvisolic washed of clay, Bt horizon (where they are deposited, called Bt because
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