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Lecture 9

GMGT 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: National Restaurant Association, Business Roundtable, Political Action Committee

General Management
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GMGT 1010
Farhan Islam

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The corporate power debate class 10
What has led to the expansion of large corporations in society A number of factors contributed to the
rapid expansion of corporations in society
Limited liability
Corporate personhood
The corporate power debate
What are the implications that corporations have on democracy? Several critics have suggested that the
power of corporations poses threats to democracy
Business involvement in politics
Corporate Lobbying
Globalization and the reduced role of government
Business involvement in politics
The financing of political parties
Publically expressed support for a candidate of party
Publically expressed views on political issues
Executives running for public office
Maageet’s positio o eployee partiipatio
Political action committees (PACs) and super pacs
An organization that pools campaign contributions from members and donates those funds to campaign
for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation
Can take funds from
Super PACs are PACs, but are unlimited in the amount of donations they can collect
Do corporations play too big of a role in deciding which political parties get elected?
Is this problem just in the United States? Has Canada avoided it?
Does the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who publically denounce taking money from
corporations, suggest that corporate influence in politics is overstated?
Business Lobbying
All attempts to influence directly or indirectly any government activities, and includes any
attempt to influence legislators, their staff members, public administrators, and members of
regulatory agencies
The act of lobbying government can be defined as including attempts to influence:
The making or amending of legislation or regulations
The making or changing of government policies or programs
Government decisions in the awarding of grants, contracts, contributions, etc.
Government appointment to boards, commissions, and any other public office
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