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Lecture 3

GMGT 2070 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Extraversion And Introversion

General Management
Course Code
GMGT 2070
Sean R.Macdonald

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Get familiar with the term self-sabotage
Self-efficiency (to be as self-aware as you can )
Focus more on your strengths than on weaknesses
Build up your strengths
Who is your point of reference?
1) How you see yourself
2) How do you feel about yourself (self esteem)?
What is your self concept? Who do you compare yourself too?
Self esteem is overall self conclusion
Self efficacy
Learn helplessness
Self efficacy model is IMPORTANT
The running marathon example
1) Prior experience
2) Know what is required (behaiviour models)
3) Persuasion from others. Can be positive and negative. This will affect our self efficacy
4) Physical + emotional
Self-efficacy HIGH, MEDIUM OR LOW
Self-efficacy leads to habits and patterns
You are active if you have high self-efficacy. You manage the situation you remove the
obstacles and aim for the goal. Set goals.
Leads to stress, worry and excuses.
You can overcome some of the steps of self-efficacy model if you have the physical and
emotional will
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