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Lecture 2

HNSC 1200 Lecture 2: Unit 1.2

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Human Nutritional Sciences
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HNSC 1200
Snehil Dua

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How Food Science is Guided by Research Learning Objectives: Describe the scientific method Differentiate between the research study designs Course Notes: 1. Definition of Food Science Food science is an interdisciplinary field of science, which overlaps with many other areas, such as nutrition, biology, chemistry, physics, even engineering. Food science is the scientific study of: o Raw food materials o Behaviour of raw food materials when created, processed, stored, packaged, and evaluated as consumer food products 2. Definition of Food Technology - Applying food science to the: o Selection o Preservation o Processing o Packaging o Distribution o Use of safe, nutritious, wholesome food. oSDP The foods that we typically consume have been affected by technology in many ways, and this technology allows for the wide availability and variety of foods. o Ex. We can purchase canned, pickled, frozen, fresh or dried vegetables and fruits, and we can buy foods in all sorts of different types of packaging (think of the type of package your prewashed salads come in versus the bag that your frozen vegetables come in). Technology also affects our processed foods through the use of food additives, which can be anything from emulsifiers that help the fat to bind to watery food components (think of your mayonnaise – this is how the fat in the oil and egg yolk stays mixed together with the water and vinegar), to the colour stabilizers in the food or the preservatives hat help to keep the food fresh. 3. Safety and Quality of Food Food science considers all safety and quality aspects of foods before consumed including the following aspects: o Food processing and manufacturing o Food preservation and packaging o Food safety and wholesomeness o Food quality evaluation o Food distribution o Consumer food use and preparation 4. Definition of Food Scientist - Applies scientific knowledge and technological principles to the study of foods and food components. - Can work in research or manufacturing 5. Food Science and Nutrition Research Research begins with a question, e.g., what foods or nutrients might protect against the common cold? In search of an answer, scientists make an educated guess called a “hypothesis”. The scientists then systematically conduct research studies to test each hypothesis. The scientific method is the steps that scie
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