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Lecture 9

HNSC 1200 Lecture 9: Unit 2.1

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Human Nutritional Sciences
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HNSC 1200
Snehil Dua

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Organic Food Learning Objectives: Define organic food farming and discuss the principles of organic production  Discuss whether organic foods are nutritionally superior to conventional  foods Discuss the Canadian Organic Products Regulations Course Notes: Organic farming: farming without the use of certain pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics growth hormones, and genetically modified organisms Organic farming also emphasizes farming practices that promote sustainability, such as crop rotation, covering crops (to prevent soil erosion), using renewable resources, enhancing biological diversity, the use of compost (animal and plant) to improve soil fertility and balancing host/predator relationships. Producers may not claim products are organic if they have been irradiated, genetically engineered, or gown with fertilizer made from sewer sludge. SEE TABLE C12.2: General Principles of Organic Production in NCC supplement. It is estimated that sales of organic food in Canada is approximately 1 billion dollars per year. The major organic foods produced in Canada include grains, organic milk, maple syrup, and tree fruits (especially apples) Is Organic Food Better? The belief that organic food has a higher nutritional quality than conventional food is only mildly supported by the scientific evidence. Some studies have shown that organic produce can be higher in vitamin C and may have higher levels of phytochemicals, but the reports are inconsistent so conclusive statements cannot be made at this time. There are many factors that affect the nutrient content of produce, such
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