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Lecture 23

HNSC 1200 Lecture 23: Unit 5

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Human Nutritional Sciences
HNSC 1200
Snehil Dua

HNSC 1200 Unit 5: The Chemistry of Foods: Lipids, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals Lipids Learning Objectives:  Discuss the role of fats in food and how fat becomes part of foods Discuss the three major groups of fats Describe how fatty acids are classified Course Notes: Are the low fat products on your grocery stores shelves really better options? How do they reduce the fat in foods – what do they replace it with? Is some fat actually good for us? Why do fats sometimes develop an “off” taste? Although we often hear that we need to reduce the amount of fat we are consuming in our diet, fats do play an important role in health, such as providing us with energy stores, and insulating our bodies from extreme temperatures. Fat also plays a role in food such as providing texture and taste properties. This unit explores the different types of fats found in foods, the role they play n our foods, and the potential health benefits of some fats. Lipids are organic compounds soluble in organic solvents but not in water. They are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The term fat is more familiar than lipids, so we will use this term in the course. The Role of Fats in Foods Provide essential nutrients (e.g., essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins) Provide concentrated source of energy and raw materials for making needed products Provide taste, smell and texture to foods Stimulate appetite and contribute to feelings of fullness Can be used for heat transfer without burning food during heat transfer How Fat Becomes Part of Our Food Added during food processing Added during food preparation Added at the table Food naturally in foods Classification of lipids: - There are 3 major groups of fats and oils: o Triacylglycerol’s (triglycerides) o Phospholipids o Sterols OSDP Triglycerides Triglycerides are the major for
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