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INTB 2200
Luming Wang

Lecture 12: Puppetry Puppetry is the indigenous theatre of India. From time immortal it has been the most popular form and well-appreciated form of entertainment available to the village people. It is an inexpensive activity. The manipulator uses the puppets as a medium to express and communicate ideas, values and social messages. Types of Puppet theatre in India: - 1. String puppets or Kathputlis of Rajasthan – Contents - Heroic deeds of Vikramaditya, Prithviraj Chouhan, and Amar Singh Rathore 2. String puppets of Orissa – Contents - Radha-Krishna 3. Rod puppets from Bengal: - Contents -Mahabharat, Manas, Radha-Krishna 4. String and Rod puppets of the south (Tanjavur, Madras and Andhra): -Contents - Kathakali 5. Shadow puppets of (a) Orissa (b) Kerala (c) Andhra (d) Karnataka: - Contents - Ramayana. 6. Thus in rural India puppetry is a source of livelihood, avenue for entertainment and creative expression which is ritually sacred and meaningful as a means of social communication and vehicle of social transformation. Song and Drama Division of the Government Of India make wide use of puppets in its campaigns to promote various government projects. Several other organizations, government, semi-government and private, have also used puppets in support of individual schemes. Life Insurance Corporation of India used puppets to educate rural masses about Life Insurance; enlisting the help of the literacy house in Luck now. These plays were shown to the audience in villages in UP, Bihar, & MP. The number of inquires at local Life Insurance Companies during the period immediately following the performance was compared with normal frequency and found to be considerable higher. The field staff of the corporation also reported a definite impact on the business. Indian Institute of mass communication, N.Delhi made a study of comparative impact of puppetry and documentary films, in two villages near Delhi. People in both the villages responded more favorably to the puppet shows then the films. Folk Theater Folk theaters are mainly short and rhythmic in form. The simple tunes help in informing and educating the people in informal and interesting manner. It has been used as an effective medium for social protest against injustice, exploitation and oppression. Folk Theater / Songs Forms In India Andhra Pradesh: Veethi Natakam, Kuchupudi, Burratatha Assam: Ankiya Nat, Kirtania Natak, Ojapali Bihar: Bidesia, Serikela Chhau, Jat-Jatni Bidpada, Ramkhelia Gujarat: Bhavai Haryana: Swang, Naqqal Himachal Pradesh: Kariyala, Bhagat, Ras, Jhanki, Harnatra Haran or Harin. Jammu & Kashmir: Bhand Pathar or Bhand Jashna, Vetal Dhamali Karnataka: Yakshagan, Sanata, Doddata-Bayalata, Tala Maddle or Prasang, Dasarata, Radhna. Kerala: Kodiyattam, Mudiattam, Therayattam, Chavittu Natakam, Chakiyar Kooth, Kathakali Madhya Pradesh: Maanch, Nacha Maharashtra: Tamasha, Lalit Bharud, Gondha, Dashavatar Orissa: Pala Jatra, Daskathia, Chhau Mayurbhanj, Mangal Ras, Sowang, Punjab: Nautanki, Naqaal, Swang Rajasthan: Khyal, Rasdhari, Rammat, Turra Kilangi, Gauri, Nautanki, Jhamtara Tamilnadu: Therukuttu, Veethi Natakam, Bhagwat Mela Natakam, Kurvaanji, Pagal Vasham, Kavadi Chindu Uttar Pradesh: Ram Leela, Ras Leela, Nautanki, Bhagat, Sang-Swang, Naqqual Goa, Daman & Diu : Dashavatar, Tiyatra. Folk songs have been effectively used during revolts of Telangana and Naxalbari and now a days it's best exploiters are Political Parties. Government has used this media for popularizing improved variety of seeds, agricultural implements, fertilizer etc. Punjab Agricultural University produced Two Audio Cas
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