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Lecture 15

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Luming Wang

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Lecture 15: MEDIA REACH "The medium is the message" acquires critical importance for advertisers and marketers in India as different media have varying penetration levels. For example terrestrial TV has the highest penetration among all types of media with 78 per cent penetration in urban India and 36 per cent in rural India. It's reach is the highest in the 14 to 19 age group with 62 per cent. It has an astonishing 91 per cent penetration in urban Himachal Pradesh. In contrast satellite TV reaches only 13 per cent of India. The medium's highest penetration of 52 per cent is in urban Maharashtra. But in the rural parts of the state it has a penetration of a mere 4 per cent. Similarly in Assam and Orissa satellite TV reaches only 4 per cent of the population. Given the high literacy levels it is natural that print media has the highest penetration in Kerala. It reaches 76 per cent in urban Kerala and 65 per cent in rural parts of the state. Print media has the lowest reach in Assam with 11 per cent. Cinema has a high penetration in the southern states of India. In urban Kerala the reach of cinema is 61 per cent. It varies from 40 - 45 percent in other southern states. Cinema reaches more than 30 per cent of the population in the age group of 15- 25 across the country. The emergence of new media options like DTH & Internet more relevant for the upper SEC class of the population. This segment is very difficult to catch and hence innovative media solutions are the order of the day. Brand building is the order of the day as it is important to synergise media with brand objectives Definition of Rural Marketing : No other country exists on earth, which offers such a dazzling array of Entertainment choices as India does! In India, entertainment encompasses a wide plethora of options. Right from cinema (the largest of its kind in the world) to television (amongst the fastest growing in the world) to soothing music (the most diverse in the world) to awesome festivals (richest in culture) and richest- possible food and finally its fanatical devotion to sports like cricket. Travel in India constitutes a major component of Indian leisure and entertainment industry. India offers mind-boggling variety for travel from highest mountain ranges of the world to serene beaches to historical forts, palaces and temples to beautiful deserts. Exotic forests and national parks in India are un-comparable in the world. Scenic hill-stations (mountain resorts) still remain popular Indian travel hot spots.
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