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INTB 2200
Luming Wang

Chapter 6: Provision of marketing news: The Agricultural Commission had recommended that steps should be taken for a better dissemination of the marketing news. The marketing surveys conducted under the direction of the Central marketing staff have shown that “there is at present a surprising lack of co-ordination as between different markets. Prices do not move in harmony even in markets, which are not far from each other. We often find a market glutted with a produce which is scarce in another perhaps only a few miles off.” The problem of lack of marketing information was discussed earlier. Now having realized the need for a good agricultural marketing news service, the government of India through its 5 year plans has allocated some budget for this activity. The government of India in collaboration with the various state government help, setup of an all India market news service in the 2 nd5year plan. This mainly benefited the farmers, as initially almost all the news relayed from these centers was agricultural in nature and market oriented. In 1957, the integrated scheme for the improvement of market intelligence was launched in Bombay. The main objective of this was to give upto–date information to the producers with regards to the wholesale prices of agricultural commodities ruling in various markets. This scheme covered two aspects viz. a. Collection and compilation b. Information dissemination Since then the government has given a lot of importance to improving the quality of agricultural marketing news services. All India radiobroadcasts daily, the closing of agricultural commodities and gives information regarding prices. The penetration level of the radio set is almost 90% hence the broadcasts are very useful. Thus the objective of an efficient market news service should be to aid towards more intelligent production with the ultimate object of achieving effective distribution and fair pricing of farm produce both for the producers and the consumers. 7. Standardization of contracts and payments of sales proceed: Business practices worldwide show that the best time to sell ones produce is when the prices are high. Hence the farmer world over stock their produce in anticipation of a price rise. However in India the farmers are very poor and small. They have no waiting capacity to store the harvest produce for a favourable selling time. When they bring the produce to the market their immediate goal is to sell and obtain cash. The traders take advantage of this situation. The mode of actual payment of sales proceed differ from region to region, market to market and within the same market from transaction to transaction. Most of these modes are exploitative. Some of these methods are: Instead of prompt payment of the total value of the produce purchased, payment by installments is forced on the seller. This happens usually after the delivery of the entire purchase lot. In cases where the moneylenders are the buyer it is seen that they make direct adjustments in the debt accounts of the sellers who have earlier borrowed funds from them. The farmers being uneducated, ignorant and illiterate seldom understand such adjustments. Most traders insist that all transactions should be on credit and mak
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