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University of Manitoba
International Business
INTB 2200
Luming Wang

Motivating the Rural Consumer What works in the urban market may not in the rural areas that are with respect to marketing. Pesticide used by the farmers are same or similar to what are used in urban households but have to be packed or packaged and distributed differently due to the differentiation in usage. Also pricing becomes a factor here. Similarly water is the universal commodity i.e. either piped or bottled for the urban consumer and canalled or irrigated for the rural farmer. Therefore the marketer must bring the right product to suit the needs of the rural consumer. In this connection the following can be considered motivating. 1. Packaging: Unlike the Eg., given earlier the rural consumer prefers smaller packages this is because The rural consumer buys in low quantity due to low purchasing power. Secondly the rural consumer may be trying out the product and doesn’t like to be saddled by the larger quantities. While designing the packages, the color, design and quality of the pack is of great importance. The rural consumer may prefer a pack with either dark or bright or both dark and bright colors in a contrasting combination. He may also prefer packs that have fancied designs. As far as the quality of the pack is concerned he may not mind medicour packaging and even no packaging if this results in lower prices. 2. Product Quality: It is of utmost im
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