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KIN 3320
Warren Eaton

Lectures 1617 The Lymphatic System network of capillaries vessels ducts trunks nodes lymph tissuesorganssystem is not a closed circuit systembegins blindly in the intercellular spacesis essential to the bodys survival very active in the immune systemImmune system helps to protect the body against invasion or assaults from microorganisms or cancerous cells o functionworks as an overflow system helps drain extra fluidremove cellular debris from extracellular spaces in the bodys tissuesprevents swellingdevelopment of edema in periphery maintains fluid balanceproduces lymphocytes so that they are available for distributiontransports fats proteinsother substances TO general circulation components of the lymphatic system o Lymph Fluidclear watery substance slightly yellow in colorfound in lymph vesselssimilar in composition to blood plasma only difference between is that there is less protein in lymph fluidfluid is isotonic o mvt through bodylymphokinesiso mvt is helped along by via valves situated along vesselsaction of breathingmuscular contractionsinterstitial fluid pressure differenceso Vessels capillaries vessels ductstrunkscollection of deepsuperficial capillaries o vessels either start in extracellular spaces around cells OR travel in conjunction withnear blood vessels throughout body Capillaries microscopic blindended vessels wallssingle layer of endothelial cellsform networksfreely anastomose with each otherVessels ducts or trunks Vessels similar in structure to veinswalls are thinner more valves contain lymph nodes vessel walls get thicker as they get bigger walls may have 3 layers
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