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Lecture 17

LING 1200 Lecture 17: Lecture 17

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LING 1200
Erin L.Wilkinson

− eciprocal altruism (a minor act of altruism for someone may lead them to provide a significant benefit in the future) − MOTIVE IS ACTUALLY SELFISH Reasons for altruism in humans: − Increases ones own power/social status − Increases the reproductive success of relatives − Represents a favour that can be cashed in when the need is high Problems with altruism: − Its perceived closeness that determines helping (not genetic relatedness) − Adopted can get same as biological child − Relationship not genes − The genetic benefit of self-sacrifice is often unclear The Transmission of Traits from Parents to Offspring: − Heritability: proportion of differences in a trait caused by genetic differences − Many physical traits are highly heritable (ex: height, hair colour, shoe size) − Psychological traits are only moderately heritable (ex: musical ability, intelligence, eating habits) Things to Keep in Mind: − Estimates of heritability apply only to people living in a specific environment − Estimates of heritability apply not to individuals, but to groups of people − Even highly heritable traits ca
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