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Lecture 15

LING 1200 Lecture 15: Lecture 15

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LING 1200
Erin L.Wilkinson

− Males often suffer little cost by reproducing so don’t need to be as picky about their mate − Engage in act, but don’t go through pregnancy challenges − For many species, females are known to be more selective in mating than males − Exceptions that confirm he rule: male sea-horses are choosier as are pale phalaropes (males responsible for feed chicks) − Greater burden in keeping off spring safe and raising them therefore choosier After Mating is over: − Males and females of many species soon part after mating − However if it provides a reproductive advantage, we can expect males and females of a species to remain in contact (ex: male guarding) Mating Systems: − Polygamy: several members of one sex mating with one individual of the other - Many females, one male = polygyny - Many males, one female = polyandry − Monogamy: long-term mating relationship between one male and one female Why Different Mating Systems: − 90% of bird are monogamous − 90% of mammals are polygamous (usually many females, one male) − Birds need both parents fo
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