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Lecture 21

LING 1200 Lecture 21: Lecture 21

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LING 1200
Erin L.Wilkinson

− Neural firing is all or none − A neuron either fires a message off to another neuron or doesn’t − One instance of a neuron firing does not differ in “strength” from another instance, but single neurons can send a stronger message by firing at a faster rate − Ex: looking at a dim light – if increase brightness neuron will realize and fire at a faster rate vs. during dim light, neurons fire slow Neurotransmitters: − Communication between neurons and from neurons to muscles and glands controls all thought and behaviour − Neurotransmitters are the chemical basis for this communication − Altering levels of neurotransmitters dramatically alters through and behaviour − Ex: low acetylcholine levels associated with Alzheimer’s Disease (profound memory loss) − Ex: low dopamine levels associated with Parkinson’s Disease (impaired motor functioning) − Low levels of a neurotransmitter could be the outcome of a disease rather than its cause (ex: low serotonin associated with depression) − Relationship between brain functions and neurotransmitter is corrlational (be careful with cause and effect) Endorphins: − Reduce pain and increase plea
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