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Lecture 24

LING 1200 Lecture 24: Lecture 24

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LING 1200
Erin L.Wilkinson

− his structure secretes hormones that modify hormone production of other “endocrine” glands − Allows hypothalamus to hormonally control mechanisms related to survival, such as those that increase body metabolism, sexual arousal, etc The Limbic System: − Found between lower brain areas and higher brain areas (intermediate area) − Structures in this system control emotions (fear, happiness, anger) − Amygdala: for judging relevance of sensory input to quickly decide whether to approach or withdraw (what to do) and an important center for the experience of fear and anger − Hippocampus: when events are expected, shuts down brain centers that control attention and arousal (relief you get when you realize something isn’t dangerous) and is extremely important for forming new memories − Damage to hippocampus results in an inability to make new memories consciously The Cerebrum: − The largest part of the human brain − Largely responsible for humans mental advantages over other animals − Consists of two halves (or cerebral hemispheres) connected by the corpus callosum (thick band of nerves) − Each half is responsible for the opposite side of the body − Ex: right hand controlled by left hemisphere of brain Cerebral Cortex: − Many layers of densely packed neurons on the s
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