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Lecture 38

LING 1200 Lecture 38: Lecture 38

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LING 1200
Erin L.Wilkinson

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- Close things obscure farther things 2. Linear Perspective - Parallel lines are perceived as closer together when farther away - Ex: highway lines 3. Motion Parallax - When one is moving, far objects appear to move more slowly than near objects 4. Texture Gradient - Objects seem more clustered together farther away - Perceived - Close objects are distinguishable, far objects are clustered 5. Relative Size - Objects that project a smaller image on the retina seem farther away - Ex: person not shrinking, just walking away 6. Relative Clarity - Far objects will be perceived as blurrier than close objects - Close objects are more detailed and defined Perception Constancies: − Accurate perception of the objects as stable or unchanged despite changes in sensory patterns that they produce Visual Constancies: 1. Shape Constancy - Viewing angle changes the shape of an object’s image on the retina, but we don’t perceive its shape as c
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