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University of Manitoba
Mangement (Extended Ed.)
MGMT 0130
Glynda White

The three essential elements to the creation of most contracts arean intention to create legal relations offer and acceptance and considerationJose and Mei entered into what appeared to be a contract for the sale of an antique automobile Jose agreed to pay the purchase price and Mei agreed to deliver the car to Joses garage Secretly however Mei planned to keep the car for herself Will a court enforce the agreementA court will enforce the agreement because a reasonable person would have believed that the parties entered into a contractCindy calls Davin to accept his offer to trim her hedges in exchange for a haircut Cindy is described as theoffereeHenrique posts a notice at the racetrack that says he is willing to sell his old horse for 5000 When he returns to the track the next day two people arrive at the same time to buy the horse A court would most likely say that Henriquecan keep the horse and refuse to sell to either personWessam offers to sell Ivan a bicycle for 100 Ivan asks to think about it for a couple days The next day Wessam tells him that she has increased the price to 150 Wessam hasrevoked her original offerMorris posted a notice promising to pay a 50 reward to anyone who fou
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