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Lecture 5

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Mangement (Extended Ed.)
MGMT 0130
Glynda White

- Sarah was an orphan. Her uncle Rocco agreed to act as her guardian until she became an adult. In that role, he borrowed money to pay for her education. She promised to repay him when she became an adult. Sarah later became an adult and married Stepan. Stepan also promised to repay Rocco for the money that he had spent on Sarah's education. Sarah and Stepan, however, now refuse to pay the money. Rocco has sued Stepan on his promise. Which of the following statements is TRUE?  all of the above - Maria went on vacation in May. She expected that her garden would be fine because May is normally a very rainy month. In fact, it did not rain at all during May. Her neighbour, Hector, therefore watered her garden because he knew that she would not want her plants to die. When she returned from her vacation in early June, she thanked Hector and promised to pay him $200 for his time and effort. Select the best answer.  all of the above - Which of the following situations illustrates a contractually enforceable promise  Suneeta borrowed money from a bank. Under the terms of that agreement, she was required to pay the bank $10 000 cash on June 1st. On May 28th, she explained to the bank that she would not be able to pay the full amount on schedule. On the same day, she also persuaded the bank to accept a cheque for $7500 in satisfaction of the full debt. - Which of the following explains why the courts will not enforce an agreement that was created on the basis of a pre-existing public duty  A promise by a public official is binding only if it is placed under seal - Rande promised to provide a series of lectures on tort law to a group of professional athletes in exchange for payment of $10 000. Shortly before the lectures were scheduled to take place, Rande promised to provide a publishing company with a recorded set of lectures on tort law in exchange for $15 000. The publishing company agreed that Rande's planned lecture for the group of professional athletes would be the subject of the recording. Which of the following statements is TRUE?  If Rande fails to provide the lecture as pr
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