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Lecture 6

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University of Manitoba
Mangement (Extended Ed.)
MGMT 0130
Glynda White

- Bruce and Rosie entered into an agreement. He promised to transfer a necklace to her mother and she promised to deliver a computer to his father. Which of the following statements is most likely to be TRUE?  none of the above - Dunlop sold tires to Mew. The parties' contract prohibited Mew from re-selling the tires unless its sub-buyer agreed to abide by Dunlop's list price for the tires. Mew re-sold the tires to Selfridge. Under its contract with Mew, Selfridge agreed to (i) abide by Dunlop's list price, and (ii) pay $50 to Dunlop for each tire that it sold in violation of that list price. Selfridge re-sold ten of the tires to its own customers for less than Dunlop's list price. Which of the following statements is TRUE?  none of the above - Which of the following statements is TRUE?  An assignment of contractual rights sometimes is created by operation of law and without regard to the assignor's intention - ABC Construction agreed to build a pool for Miranda in exchange for $100 000. The pool was to be built during the month of May, but payment was not due until the end of August. The pool was completed on schedule. However, because it was experiencing financial difficulties, ABC orally assigned its contractual rights against Miranda to Mirth Enterprises in early June. In July, Miranda discovered that the pool leaked. Because ABC denied responsibility, Miranda had the problem fixed by another company at a cost of $20 000. The evidence now indicates that the problem was in fact caused by ABC's breach of contract. ABC failed to use appropriate materials when it constructed the pool. Which of the following statements is TRUE?  The assignment may be equitable, but it cannot be statutory - Bentley Inc operates a sporting goods store. In January, it purchased a shipment of baseball bats from Tadpole Manufacturing Ltd for $20 000. In February, Tadpole orally assigned its rights under that contract to J&H Collections. In May, Bentley purchased a shipment of footballs from Tadpole for $15 000 under a separate contract. Immediately after delivery, Bentley discovered that the footballs were defective. They had been improperly treated with a chemical that completely destroyed their leather exterior. The footballs consequently are completely worthle
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