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Lecture 6

MBIO 1010 Lecture 6: Lab 6 notes

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MBIO 1010
Christopher Rathgeber

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c98 Lab 6 - Selective and differential media • Enriched medium • Selective medium • Differential medium • Blood agar - an enriched & differential medium that can detect hemolysis ◦ Beta-hemolysis - complete lysis of red blood cells and results in a complete zone of clearing on the blood agar plate ◦ Alpha hemolysis - incomplete lysis of red blood cells and results in a green zone of clearing ◦ Gamma hemolysis - non hemolytic, no lysis resulting in no zone of clearing • Mannitol salt agar - a selective and differential medium that inhibits the growth of non halo tolerant bacteria, as well as differentiating between fermenters and non fermenters ◦ Bacteria that ferment will produce acid - which reacts with the phenol red in the medium, changing it to yellow • MacConkey Agar - selective and differential medium used for the detection of enteric bacteria ◦ Sel
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