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Lecture 30

MBIO 4600 Lecture 30: Lecture 30

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MBIO 4600
Brassinga Ann

Lecture 30 Protein secretion systems All systems rely on channels in the outer membrane formed from betasheets organized in a ring Type I o Secrete a protein directly from the cytoplasm to the outside of the cell o ATPbinding cassette (ABC) transporter pushes protein through channel Type II o Multiprotein complex pseudopilus structure o Pushes protein through inner membrane and through secretin channel to outside of the cell o Closely related to the transport systems that assemble type IV pili (i.e. natural competence) Type III o Syringelike structure that injects effector proteins through both bacterial membranes and eukaryotic cells Type IV (T4SS) o Ancestrally related to conjugation systems Type IVA IncF (F plasmid) IncP (RP4 plasmid) FT4SS F plasmid tratrb genes PT4SS (A. tumefaciens TDNA) vir genes IT4SS (L. pneumophila) icmdot genes o Multisubunit cellenvelopespanning structures compromising a secretion channel and a pilus o Transfer both proteins and nucleoprotein complexes Mediate horizontal gene transfer Delivery of bacterial effector proteins into eukaryotic host cells o A. tumefaciens
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