MKT 2210 Lecture Notes - Visible Minority, Italian Canadians, Ukrainian Canadians

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1. consumer socialization. consumer socialization is the process by which
people acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to function as
2. family life cycle. the family life cycle is the distinct phases that a family
progresses through from formation to retirement, each phase bringing with
it identifiable purchasing behaviours. for example, young singles purchase
clothing and entertainment. young marrieds without children purchase
furniture and appliances. young marrieds with children represent a sizeable
market for infant products and child care services. finally the older married
and unmarried stages represent a sizeable market for medicine and health
care services.
3. family decision making. family decision-making influences can be broken
down into two decision-making styles:
a. spouse dominant (wife or husband dominates)
b. joint decision making (decision made jointly by husband and wife).
five roles of individual family members in the purchase process exist.
a. information gatherer
b. influencer
c. decision maker
d. purchaser
e. user
increasingly, teenagers are assuming more of these roles for many purchases in
single parent and working parent homes.
. social class
social class is the relatively permanent, homogeneous divisions in a society into
which people sharing similar values, lifestyles, interests, and behaviour can be
grouped. social class standing is related to the purchase and use of consumer
a. people in upper classes are targeted by companies for items such as
financial investments, expensive cars, and evening wear.
b. middle classes represent a target market for home improvement centres and
automobile parts stores.
c. lower classes are targeted for products such as plastic figurines and scandal
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