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MKT 2210
Subbu Sivaramakrishnan

characteristics of organizational buying organizational buying behaviour is the decision-making process that organizations use to establish the need for products and services, and identify, evaluate and choose among alternative brands and suppliers. there are some important distinctions between organizational and customer buying behaviour. a. demand characteristics derived demand means that the demand for industrial products and services is driven by or derived from demand for consumer products and services. b. size of the order or purchase organizational buyers' purchases are normally larger than those made by the ultimate consumer. purchasing procedures are more formalized for the organizational buyer than for the ultimate consumer and determine who participates in the purchase decision and the length of time required to arrive at a purchase agreement. c. number of potential buyers organizational buyers are usually fewer in number than the number of ultimate consumer buyers. D. organizational buying objectives. organizations buy products and services to help them achieve and satisfy their organizational objectives. a. for profit-making organizations, this objective is usually to increase
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