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University of Manitoba
MKT 2210
Subbu Sivaramakrishnan

Are also experienced by organizational purchasers. Differences exist between the two as is shown in figure 6-4 A. Stages in the organizational buying process- buying a machine vision system As with consumer buying decisions, there are five stages in an Organizational buying decision: 1. Problem recognition – and make-buy decision. 2. Information search—may include value analysis 3. Alternative evaluation—create bidders list 4. Purchase decision—can take weeks or months 5. Post purchase behaviour. Although these five steps are utilized by industrial and reseller Purchasers, major difference occur in the buying process. Online buying in organizational markets Organizational buyers account for 80% of the total worldwide value of all online transactions. It is projected that online organizational buyers around the world will purchase $6 to $7.5 trillion worth of products and services by 2005. U.s. Organizational buyers will account for about 60% of these purchases. A. Prominence of online buying in organizational markets Online buying in organizational markets is prominent for three major reasons: (1) organizational buyer
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