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Subbu Sivaramakrishnan

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Chapter 3:Business planning and control
Planning takes place at strategic,tactical and operational level.
Strategic planning-deciding what business the organisation should be in,and what
its overall objectives should be.This is a long-range planning(2 to 3 years).
Tactical planning-deciding how it should go about achieving its overall
objectives.This is a short-range plannin(1 year).
Operational planning-deciding what needs to be done from day to day and task
to task.This is a daily basis planning.
Plan must take account of the availability of resources.Resource planning includes
estimates of requirements with regard to personnel(human resource),equipment
or machinery,materials and components and finance.
Human resource plan is prepared on the basis of the analysis of its future human
resource and skills requirements.Four key stages of human resource planning are
auditing,forecasting,planning and controlling.
-Auditing stage involves the analysis of the strategic environment (trends in
population growth, education, pensions etc) in the light of the organisation’s
strategic objectives.The strategy chosen will have implications for the numbers of
employees and the mix of skills required.
-Forecasting stage analyses the demand for, and supply of, labour in terms of
number, type and quality of people that the organisation should employ to meet
planned requirements and cover expected turnover.
-Planning stage involves policies to recruit, train and develop the labour force
indicated in the forecast.
-Controlling stage involves measuring the effective use of the human resources
and their contribution towards the achievement of the
organisation’s objectives.
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