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University of Manitoba
MKT 2210
Subbu Sivaramakrishnan

Chapter 17:Health and safety in the workplace Health and safety is important because employee should be protected from needless pain and suffering,employers and employees both have legal obligations to promote health and safety working,accidents can cost employer money,business’s corporate image may suffer if its health and safety record is bad,business’s employer reputation may suffer if its health and safety record is bad. There will be costs to employer if there are accidents or illness,for example productive time lost by the absent employee,a proportion of the cost of employing first aid and medical staff,cost of disruption to operations,cost of any damage to equipment,cost of any compensation payments,costs of increased insurance premiums,possible reduced output from the employee on return to work and cost of recruiting and training a replacement for the absent employee. Individuals have responsibilities for health and safety at work,for example be alert to potential hazards as you go about your work,take responsibility for your own behaviour in the workplace in order to protect yourself and others,cooperate with your employers’ health and safety measures,keep yourself informed about health and safety issues relevant to your workplace,undertake regular training as necessary,warn people who may be at immediate risk as a result of hazardous conditions or behaviours,take steps to minimise hazards,take steps to mobilise appropriate response procedures,inform appropriate people of identified hazards and the need for corrective action which might be beyond the scope of your own authority. Organisations may have dedicated departments,managers or staff in charge of health and safety.These may include specialists such as:first aid officer,security guard,employee consellor,employee health and safety representative,fire prevention officer and health promotion officer.The role of these people is to make and implement relevant policies and procedures,to listen to employee concerns and to respond to any problems and emergencies.(Organisation’s responsiblities) Key components in health and safety pol
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