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MKT 2210 Lecture Notes - Public Knowledge, Natural Disaster, Killing Joke

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MKT 2210
Subbu Sivaramakrishnan

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Chapter 18:Security in the workplace
Security is important to protect the employees,to protect the assets,to prevent
unauthorised access and to protect confidential and sensitive information.
Security risks can be identified as vulnerable items and people(items that are
valuable and movable,valuable information in portable form,security devices,staff
in front line,staff with custody of assets,VIP) together with vulnerable points in
premises(public areas,point of entry and exit,unattended areas,ill-lit areas which
mean dark areas,areas where at-risk items and data are concentrated,points of
items exchange).
In the principles of security,effective security is a combination of delay,checking
and alarm.Delay is the lines of defence before vulnerable areas and items can be
reached(eg.outer doors to the main building,reception area,guarded
offices,lockable filing cabinets and safes).Checking is the procedures for
authorised access to vulnerable areas or items(eg.identification of authorised
staff,checking/signing in/escorting visitors,challenging authorised
individuals,personal passwords,checking authorisation before access to files
allowed).Alarm is the procedures for alerting those responsible for responding to
security breaches(eg.electronic security alarms,individual alertness and
response,computerised warning of file access attempts).
Procedures or devices of controlling access include lock the doors and
windows;swipe cards may allow only for authorised individuals to trigger the
opening of doors;combination locks may be used to control the opening of the
door;video and entry phone systems may be used so that entrants can be
identified by those inside;using locks for cabinets,cupboards and drawers;some
items should be kept in a strongbox or safe;computers and computer files can be
protected using electronic password and access codes.
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