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Unit 10 Death

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NURS 1260

Unit 10: Death Types  Process + state Clinical Death  Vital signs absent but resuscitation possible Brain Death  No vital signs or electrical activity in brain  Resuscitation not possible Social Death  Treat person as corpse  Death certificate Hospital  Most people with progressive disease die here (AIDS, cancer or heart attack) Hospice  Family control of dying Palliative Care  Focuses on quality of life  Death with dignity in home like setting Caregiver Support  Grief response  Hospice gets psychosocial and educational support  Canadian virtual hospice gives contact with health care professionals Understanding of Death Preschoolers  Don’t understand that it happens to everyone and is irreversible  Doesn’t understand cessation of function School Age  Most understand Adolescents  Understand in more abstract way  Affected by experiences Unrealistic Beliefs  Death being pleasurable  Leads to adolescent suicide Early Adulthood  Sudden death shakes belief  Death more traumatic  Experience changes perception of death Unit 10: Death  Death of young celebrities challenge beliefs Middle + Late Adulthood  Changes roles+relationships  Switch from time since birth to time until death  Adults who think about past are fearful of death Fear of Death (Wong)  Stems from finality, uncertainty, non-existence, loss, pain+lonliness, failing to complete life's work  Middle aged most scared  Deeply religious and non-religious people less scared Ley+ Van Bommel  Spiritual search intensified by death Personal Worth  Those who achieved goals, or believe their life had purpose are less scared  Fear of death is despair Preparing for Death  Reminiscence Living Will  Directions for end of life Liberman et al  People near death less emotional more conventional Kubler-Ross Stages of Dying Denial: psychological defence Anger: Towards God/others Bargaining: Mak
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