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Lecture 12

PHIL 1200 Lecture 12: Lecture 12

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

lP78R God made a world filled with people who have free will God mad what is good in the world The littler bad there is came from us Question Remains How did evil come to the world if it is not God that sent it there o Natural evil (death, disease, natural disasters) o Moral evil (murder, hatred, inequality) Moral evil If god is almighty and benevolent, why did god allow bas people to exist Couldn’t he make everyone good Moral evil exists in relation to human freedom and responsibility God gave us free will Comes possibility that some people may be bad Logically impossible to both act freely and be prevented from harming others Not even God can do something logically impossible We should assume god gave us free will so we might sin We being free are responsible f
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