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Lecture 37

PHIL 1200 Lecture 37: Lecture 37

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

oD82 Scenario Suppose I borrowed $1000 from you 10 years ago You now want your money back Could I say that it was not I that borrowed the money (and therefore that I owe you nothing), since all cells of my body have changed What would you answer to this? John Perry ~ A Dialogue on Personal Identity Gretchen Weirob (philosophy professor) is about to die Sam Miller (Christian chaplain) ProvideanargumentinfavourofthepossibilityofimmortalityDaveCohen (former student of Weirob) Why would Weirob want such an argument It gives her some comfort to think that there is a logical possibility of existing even after her death Miller offers a variety of religious theories of afterlife Weirob immediately dismisses those theories such as Buddhism, which claims that after death we become one with the universe In some sense such theories are not that different from the scientific account of what happens after death The m
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