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Lecture 31

PHIL 1200 Lecture 31: Lecture 31

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

lP78R This shouldgive ussome reason to believein the existence ofotherminds that are similar to ours But is it strong enough? – Ryle doesn’t agree Ryle: Russell’s argument doesn’t really alleviate the problem of uncertainty regarding the existence of other minds Yet Ryle thinks, there must be a simpler solution that does away with this problem It is a rather drastic solution: Get rid of the official doctrine altogether Ryle’s reason for wanting to get rid of the official doctrine: it rests on a category mistake There is thought, there is stuff going on in the brain (are they different? Does the brain cause thought?) What causes thought = mind (NOT the brain) What is a category mistake? Occurs when we assume that because something has a term of its own, it has an existence – or other quality of its own (belongs in the same category with other things that do have an existence/quality of their own) e.g. suppose someone comes to visit the university,
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