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Lecture 35

PHIL 1200 Lecture 35: Lecture 35

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

lD82R o e.g. amputee feels sensations in non-existent limb o cannot tell someone they don’t think what they think Frank Jackson ~ What Mary Didn’t Know Argues again Physicalism Physicalist: “A complete physical knowledge, including knowledge of physicochemical state of brain is all the knowledge that one can have of the world and one’s own mental state” Jackson There is knowledge to be gained besides physical knowledge, and this knowledge has to do with the way certain experiences feel E.g. difference between what it is to be in love and what it feels like to be in love Scenario Mary lives in all black-and-white Learns from black-and-white T.V. lectures all there is to know about physical world (including colour) Mary knows all she needs to know (if physicalism is true) Jackson thinks there are things Mary still doesn’t know o She doesn’t know what it feels like to see colour Sheknowswhatwillgooninthebra
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