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Lecture 39

PHIL 1200 Lecture 39: Lecture 39

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

lD82R at this point, Miller offers an alternative account of personal identity identity consists in similarity of psychological characteristics, such as beliefs, memories, attitudes etc. sameness of these characteristics constitutes sameness of soul, and sameness of the person so if in the afterlife, there is someone with the same attitudes, beliefs, and memories as me, this person is me, regardless of our bodily differences Weirob objects, one can offer a similar argument about the person who has the same psychological features in the afterlife as the person who has the same physical features, namely the fact that the two people are merely similar, but not identical, strictly speaking For all Weirob knows, the heavenly person that has the same psychological states as she does is only a copy of herself and not her actual self Miller tries to reinforce his case by using Descartes’ point that I am aware of myself having a soul and a body This self is what gives unity to my psy
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