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Lecture 38

PHIL 1200 Lecture 38: Lecture 38

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

lP78R By identical Weirob does not mean “looking exactly alike”, the way these 2 boxes of Kleenex are exactly alike She means identity in the stronger sense of being the same thing Miller concedes the point that the heavenly Weirob will not have the same body that she has on earth, even if she does have one that looks exactly the same But this should not matter, since it is not the body Weirob is She is fundamentally more than that “whatisfundamentallyyouisnotyourbody,butyoursoulorself or mind” by this, Miller…… Weirob is skeptical about this After all, the thing that is conscious and thinks is nothing other than the body At this point, Miller brings up Descartes’ dualism of mind and body Weirob, although herself skeptical about the existence of an immaterial soul, does not want to argue against it But she n
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