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Lecture 46

PHIL 1200 Lecture 46: Lecture 46

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University of Manitoba
PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

o78R We all think we would be the same person even if we undergo a major physical change Instead of asking who am I, Dennett asks where am I? There are 2 possible answers I am either where my body is I am where my mind is If it happens that I am where my body is, then I am a body If I am where my mind is, then I am a mind This only makes sense if we think that the mind is something that can be somewhere Descartes and Christianity would objects that the soul can be in a place Maintaining that I am amind, which isn’t the kind of thing that can be anywhere, also sounds strange PerhapstherightwaytosayitisthatourbodyisinWinnipegandoursoul (therefore us) is nowhere Dennett is NOT a Cartesian dualist He is a physicalist Instead of talking about the mind (which might not be located) he will talk about th
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