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Lecture 69

PHIL 1200 Lecture 69: Lecture 69

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

o982 “A rational being must always regard himself as giving laws eithers as a member or as sovereign in a kingdom of ends which is rendered possibly by the freedom of will” Morality is the highest principle of action, and the only one that possesses dignity No amount of pleasure or happiness (either personal or communal) could ever make an immoral act permissible Some possible advantages of Kant’s moral view: It explains where morality comes from o Morality is a feature of human rationality Just as reason tells us that 2+2=4, it also tells us that we should obey the Categorical imperative If defeats relativism Since all human beings are rational. They are all able to identify what the categorical imperative demands in every case, and therefore, what the morally right thing to do is It makes it possible for all to obey morality You do not have to be a good and caring person to do the right thing (as the subjectivists seem to think) All you need is reason (of course, the will of some is stronger than
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