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PHIL 1290
Debra Bradshaw

Second Canadian edition. Chapter 1: The Power of Critical Thinking Exercises Not Answered in the Text Exercise 1-1 2. Critical thinking is primarily concerned with how you think. 3. Critical thinking is systematic because it involves distinct procedures and methods. 5. If you passively accept beliefs that have been handed to you by your parents, your culture, or your teachers, then those beliefs are not really yours. If they are not really yours, and you let them guide your choices and actions, then theynot youare in charge of your life. 7. Critical thinking can also help us clarify our feelings and deal with them more effectively. Our emotions often need the guidance of reason. Likewise, our reasoning needs our emotions. It is our feelings that motivate us to action, and without motivation our reasoning would never get off the ground. 9. Critical thinking is essential. Is critical thinking essential? 10. We should proportion our acceptance of a statement according to the reasons in its favour. 12. If the accident happened at 5:00 p.m., it was John’s fault. The accident did happen at 5:00 p.m. So it was his fault. 13. A premise is a statement given in support of another statement. 15. An argument requires reasons that support a conclusion; the mere assertion of a belief does not provide reasons. 16. False 18. Yes 20. Therefore; consequently; so 21. Because; since; for 22. The poll suggests that most people are happy. Therefore, most of them are happy. 24. False Exercise 1-2 2. No statement, command 3. Statement 5. No statement, question 6. No statement, exclamation 8. Statement 9. Statement Exercise 1-3 2. No argument 3. No argument 5. No argument 6. No argument 8. No argument 9. Argument. Conclusion: Spiderman is a better superhero than Superman. 10. Argument. Conclusion: Whether our argument concerns public affairs or some other subject we must know some, if not all, of the facts about the subject on which we are to speak and argue. 12. Argument. Conclusion: If someone says something that offends me, I should have the right to stop that kind of speech. 13. Argument. Conclusion: Citizens who so value their ‘independence’ that they will not enroll in a political party are really forfeiting independence. 14. Argument. Conclusion: If someone says something that offends me, I cannot and should not try to stop them from speaking. 16. Argument. Conclusion: The U.S. government cannot be trusted when it comes to sending our children to war. Exercise 1-4 2. Argument. Conclusion: Therefore, you are not fit to serve in your current capacity. Premise: You have neglected your duty on several occasions. Premise: You have been absent from work too many times. 3. No argument 5. No argument 6. Argument. Conclusion: People who protest Canada’s military involvement in Afghanistan don’t know what they’re talking about. Premise: They spend all their time marching and protesting. Premise: These are the sort of people who think Canada shouldn’t have a military at all. 8. No argument 9. Argument: Conclusion: Witches are real. Premise: They are mentioned in the Bible. Premise: There are many people today who claim to be witches. Premise: Historical records reveal that there were witches in Salem. 11. Argument. Conclusion: Therefore, Vaughn’s car is ready for the junk yard. Premise: Vaughn’s car is old. Premise: It is beat up. Premise: It is unsafe to drive. Exercise 1-5 1. Premise: Strong family values have been shown to decrease crime rates. Premise: Poverty, political conflict, and deficit s
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