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Lecture 1

PSYC 1200 Lecture 1: Lecture 1

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PSYC 1200
Dawson Clary

Psychology Exam 2 Notes: Chapter 4 Sensation and Perception Sensation: stimulation of sense organs Perception: organization/interpretation/selection of sensory input Psychophysics: study of how physical stimuli are converted into psychological experience Sense organs: organs that convert energy from the world into neural signals Sense receptors: allow us to transform energy out in the world into signals that the brain can interpret (allows us to perceive meaning) Doctrine of Specific Nerve Energies: Johannes Muller People experience different types o sensation because sense organs send signals to different parts of the brain Synesthesia: stimulation of 1 sensory modality evokes sensation in another modality Explains how different sensory modalities are experienced differently Doesn’t explain different types of perception with same modality (Red vs. Blue) Stimulus: any detectable input from environment Threshold: dividing point between energy levels that do and don’t have an effect Absolute threshold: minimum
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