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Lecture 10

PSYC 1200 Lecture 10: Lecture 10

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University of Manitoba
PSYC 1200
Dawson Clary

Retinal disparity = objects project images to slightly different locations on right/left retinas so left/right eyes se differently = principle binocular cue (closer an object gets = greater disparity) Convergence – sensing the eyes converging towards each other as they focus on closer objects Monocular depth cues = clues about distance based on the image in either eye alone 2 types of monocular cues A) Motion parallax = result of active use of eye in viewing world – near objects appear to move more rapidly (move across retina at different rate) B) Pictoral depth cues = clues about distance that can be given in a flat picture (6 types) 1) Linear perspective – lines converge in distance 2) Texture gradient – provide information about depth 3) Interposition – if an object comes between you and other object, if must be closer to you 4) Relative size – closer objects appear larger 5) Height in plane – reflects that distant objects appear higher in a pict
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