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Lecture 34

PSYC 1200 Lecture 34: Lecture 34

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PSYC 1200
Dawson Clary

Staircase model, central processing structures 4 major stages of cognitive development Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory Fit with communist Soviet Union thinking Cognitive development fuelled by social interaction Culture has great influence, language acquisition plays role Zone of proximal development, scaffolding Kohlberg’s Stage Theory (Moral Reasoning) 3 levels of moral development, each broken into 2 sub levels 1) Preconventional Morality a) punishment orientation & b) naïve reward orientation think in terms of external authority, acts are positive consequencese punished and right because they lead to 2) Conventional Morality c) good boy/girl orientation & d) authority orientation see rules as necessary to maintain social order, accept the rules as their own, internalize them to be virtuous and earn approval from others 3) Postconventional Morality e) social contract orientation & f) individual principles and conscience orientation personal code of ethics, acceptance of rules is less rigid (moral thinking shows they conflict with personal ethicshat someone might not follow rules if Chapter 12 ~ The Nature
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