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Lecture 32

PSYC 1200 Lecture 32: Lecture 32

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PSYC 1200
Dawson Clary

Presence/absence of commitment to life goals/values, and a sense of crisis can combine to produce 4 identity statuses 1) Identity Diffusion apathy, no commitment to an ideology 2) Identity Foreclosure premature commitment to visions/values (from parents), conformity, not open to new experiences 3) Identity Moratorium delaying commitment for a while to experiment with alternative ideologies/careers consideration of alternatives, higher self esteem, achievement after motivation Adulthood Transitions in family life cycle Children cause decrease in marital satisfaction Empty nest associated with increased marital satisfaction Brian tissue volume declines Small decline in intelligence test scores after age 60 (fluid intelligence vs. crystallized intelligence) Lose episodic & working memory, not procedural & semantic Developmental Theories Erikson’s Stage Theory 8 stages each with psychological crisis st of, and attachment forms, develop optimistic trustcal needs taken care 2) Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt (toddlers) 2-3, begin toilet traini
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