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Lecture 15

PSYC 1200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Neuropsychological Test, Mental Disorder, Medical Model

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Course Code
PSYC 1200
Launa C.Leboe- Mcgowan

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Chapter 15: psychological disorders
Models of mental illness
Know the pros and cons of using the DSM-5
Understand key terminology and symptoms associated with various mental disorders
History of mental illness
Trephining, beating, exorcism, starving, near downing
Medical model: mental disorders are caused by abnormalities of he brain and
nervous system
Biophychosocial model: is an interactionist model in which mental disorders stem
from a combination of:
And enviro. Factors
Ex. Diathesis-stress model
Diathesis-stress model (interactionist model)
Diathesis (inherited predisposition) + enviro stressors = psychological disorder
Defining mental disorder
Abnormal: abnormal is a statistical statement referring to relatively rare patterns of
thought or behaviour
Someone who is abnormal is not always viewed negatively
Insanity: a legal concept and merely refers to whether a person knows the
consequences of their actions
Mental disorder:
Involves maladaptive thoughts, behaviours, feelings
Distressing to self or others
Day to day functioning is impaired
Increased risk of self-harm or harm to others
Gather client data:
Clinical interview
Intelligence tests
Personality tests
Projective tests
Neuropsychological tests
Behavioral assessment
Physiological assessment
Diagnosing mental disorders
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