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Lecture 1a

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University of Manitoba
PSYC 1200
Jason Leboe- Mcgowan

Lecture 1a Psychology  Science of what people do/think  100 years old  Started in 19th century Clinical Psychology  Researches types/causes of mental disorder and maladaptive functioning  Develops solutions to help those people Applied Psychologist  Researches to solve everyday problems people face Ex) Forensic psychology Experimental Psychology  Researches rules of what people do/think Basic Research Psychologist  Researches rules of what people do/think  Goal is not to improve society Philosophers  Tried to uncover rules for what people do/think  Used logic from experience and single case anecdotes  Conclusions were not based on systematic evidence Philosophy problems: 1. No systematic collection of evidence 2. Limitations of personal experience 3. Confirmation Bias - seeking out evidence that confirms beliefs Joseph Gall (1758-1828) Phrenology  Used until 20th century  Philosopher  Said certain parts of brain were for certain character/personality traits  Bigger brain size meant more of that trait Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920)  Father of experimental psychology  Used trained introspection Trained Introspection - Reflecting on one's own mental experience  Attempted to understand perception  People reported elementary components of sensory experience  Approach says all experience consists of associations between basic/elementary components Goal - identifying components of experience through introspection should explain how mind works E.B. Titchener (1867-1927) Structuralism Approach  Made Wundt approach famous in North America  Called it Structuralism Problems With Trained Introspection: Lecture 1a  Psychological processes are no
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