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Lecture 1c

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PSYC 1200
Jason Leboe- Mcgowan

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Lecture 1c Descriptive Statistics - Summarize large sets of results using central tendency Types of Central Tendency 1. Arithmetic Mean - Add up scores and divide by number of scores 2. Median - The score in the middle, if there are 2 then take their average 3. Mode - The score that occurs most often Measures of Variability  Extent scores differ from each other Range - Subtract the lowest score from the highest score Standard Deviation  How much scores different from mean  The higher the standard deviation is, the greater the variability among the scores Formula = (X-M)^2/N Steps for Finding Standard Deviation: 1. Calculate Mean 2. Calculate different between each score and mean, then square them 3. Add squared differences together 4. Divide by number of scores 5. Take square root of that value Inferential Statistics  Used to interpret the results Null Hypothesis - Statement saying the manipulated independent variable (IV) will not have an effect on the dependent variable (DV) Alternative Hypothesis - Statement saying the manipulated independent variable will have an effect on the dependent variable **Experiments rarely produce no difference** Issue is whether difference is large enough to warrant: 1. Rejection of Null Hypoth
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