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PSYC 1200
Debra Lall

PSYC1200 02 24 2014 Functions of Emotions • Motivation &Attention • Social Functions of Emotions • Emotional Effects of Cognitive Functioning • emotions improves attention ∴ improves memory • positive emotions → produce more efficient thinking, creative, etc. Stress of Living • Stress  pattern of specific & non-specific responses that disturb equilibrium • Stressors  stimulus event that places a demand on an organism for some kind of adaptive response Physiological Stress Reactions • Acute Stress  clear onset and offset patterns • Chronic Stress  continuous state of arousal  demands are greater than available resources Emergency Reactions toAcute Stress • Fight-or-Flight Response  prepares the body for combat & struggle or for running away to safety Chronic Stress • General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)  Han Selye • Three Stage Response  alarm reaction: become alert & energize  resistance: body try to get back to normal stage  thymus gland shrinks  exhaustion: some symptom in alarm reaction reoccur  stress continues and may die Psychological Stress Reactions • Major Life Events  Life Change Units (LCUs) • Catastrophic & Traumatic Events  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  can reoccur when people feel powerl
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