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PSYC 1200
Debra Lall

PSYC1200 03 10 2014 • depression starts when days get short • tired all the time, increased appetite, weight gain, carbo craving, relationship withdrawals Gender Differences in Depression: (Susan Nolen-Hoeksema) • Women: life experiences, sexual abuse, more likely to attempt suicide • Men: more successful (suicide) • common more in pessimistic people Suicide - not on impulse act, requires planning Personality Disorder Borderline PD • experience great instability and intensity in personal relationship; generally result from controlling anger Antisocial PD • longstanding pattern of irresponsible/unlawful behaviour that violates social norms  Somatoform Disorders - has physical illness that cannot be fully explained by actual medical con'ds.  Dissociative Disorders -disturbance in the integration of memory, identity or consciousness Somatoform vs. Dissociative Somatoform • Hypochondriasis - belief in physical illness despite reassurances of health from medical practitioners • Sonatization Disorder - long history of unexplained physical complaints • Conversion Disorder - loss of motor/sensory fun'c that cannot be explained by damage to the NS or other physical damage Dissociative • DissociativeAmnesia - inability to remember personal experiences • DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) - 2 or more distinct personality; cases of "Sybil", "Three Faces of Eve" • Fugue - start a new life + identity; doesn't remember past (but might remember sometime) Schizoprenic Disorders • breakdown of integrated person
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