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University of Manitoba
PSYC 1200
Debra Lall

PSYC1200 03 07 2014 *AcademicAchievement - March 14th • ID available on D2L *VW date on March 19th Classification/Diagnostic system provides: • common shorthand language • understanding of causality • treatment plan DSM main tool for diagnosing 1) list of symptoms of disorder 2) age of onset 3) predisposing factors 4) how disorder progress over time 5) how common the disorder is 6) gender difference in disorder 7) info. based on culture influence 5 axes to evaluate each client: (pg. 467 on textbook) 1) clinical diagnosis corresponding to syndrome 2) personality disorders 3) general medical conditions 4) presence of psychosocial stressors 5) global assessment functioning Evolution of Diagnostic Categories: • Neurotic Disorders • Psychotic Disorders • Homosexuality • Culture-bound Syndrome Prevalence • substance use disorder 20.6% men dominated • anxiety use disorder 11.2% more women reports • mood use disorder 10.2% • antisocial personality 03.7% • Schizophrenia & other psychotic disorder 00.7% Etiology of Psychopathology • factors that cause/contribute to development of psychological & medical problems • Biological approaches- genetic, brain • Psychological approaches Causes of Mental Disorders 1) Diathesis-stress model: a person may possess a predisposition for disorder & is afflicted when w/ stressors that exceeds ability to cope 2) Sociocultural model: cultures in which people live play a role in development of disorders 3) Humanistic model: disorders develop when people do not obt
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