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PSYC1200 03 28 2014 Social Relationship • Liking  Physical attractiveness - key determinants for both sexes  Similarities - provides social validation; tend to like them more  Reciprocity • Loving (Sternberg)  Passion - about our sexual passion for the other person  Intimacy - important; understanding shared with the other person  Commitment - devoting with the other person  Consummate Love involves all three - Passion, Intimacy and Commitment • What Factors Allow Relationships to Last?  Interdependence Theory - the more overlap, the more secure the relationship  Attachment Style  Fig. 16.5 Chapter 17: Part B ThinkAbout Social Influences and Group Behaviour • Imitation • Social Facilitation • Social Loafing • Reciprocity • Commitment • Attractive People • Authority • Group Decision Making • Resisting Social Influences What is Social Facilitation • Social facilitation is when an enhancement of task performance occurs because of the presence of other people • The phenomena whereby your performance is influenced by the presence of others • Tend to work alone in order to perform better at certain tasks What is Social Loafing • Social Loafing is the decreased effort put forth by individuals when working in a group • When your working with others - actually needing help Why do attractive people change our behaviour? • Products and opinions are made more attractive when they are demonstrated by attractive people • Attractive people get better compliance The Power of the Situation • Social Role  Social-defined pattern of behaviour • Rules  Behavioural guidelines • Social Norms  Expectation a group has for its members Conformity • Conformity  Tendency for people to adopt behaviours, attitudes, and values of other members of a groups  Normative Influence  Asch Effect Solomon Asch's Experiments • Decisions made by the people is influence by the majority Decision Making In Groups • Groups Polarization  The tendency of groups to make decisions that are more extreme than the decisions that would
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